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K-12 School Safety and Security

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Avertere | Graphic of Avertere shielding school data in cloud, symbolizing protection for students.

2 min read

Cyber Threats to Edu Cloud Platforms: Google Workspace

In a previous blog, we delved into identifying cyber threats to schools and how they cause impact using MITRE ATT&CK. Today, we narrow down our focus...

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Avertere | How to understand and plan for threat adversaries who target the education industry.

2 min read

How to Spot Cyber Threats that Could Harm Schools

Who is trying to break into your school's digital space, and why should you care? Cyber criminals are individuals who use the digital world for...

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Avertere's technology-agnostic approach delivers efficient and effective school safety solutions nationwide.

7 min read

Prioritizing Strategic Risk: Avertere's Guide to School Security

Chart Credit: David Riedman ( At Avertere, we understand that writing about active shooting is an incredibly sensitive and...

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Behavioral Threat Assessment and Open-Source Intelligence Gathering |

2 min read

Behavioral Threat Assessment and Open-Source Intelligence Gathering

A Behavioral Threat Assessment (BTA) program identifies and evaluates individuals who may pose a threat of violence or harm to themselves or others....

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