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K-12 School Safety and Security

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3 min read

Avertere's Construction Management: Building Safe Schools

There are several reasons why K-12 education administrators and faculty members may need Construction Management (CM) solutions and services from a Cybersecurity firm like Avertere.

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Behavioral Threat Assessment and Open-Source Intelligence Gathering |

2 min read

Behavioral Threat Assessment and Open-Source Intelligence Gathering

A Behavioral Threat Assessment (BTA) program identifies and evaluates individuals who may pose a threat of violence or harm to themselves or others....

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Cracking the Cybersecurity Code: Final Piece to Strategy, Cybersecurity Workforce |

3 min read

Defining the Workforce: A Missing Piece to K12 Cybersecurity Strategy

When a cyber incident occurs, administrators and faculty members rush to respond. In post-recovery, Cybersecurity is a high priority, and the...

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Ransomware attacks are on the rise and everyone is at risk. Find out how to safeguard administrators, faculty, parents, and students from these threats. |

4 min read

Ransomware: Administrators, Faculty, Parents, and Students are at Risk

Ransomware is more personal than just impacting the business; the availability of people's data increases the chances of identity theft,...

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