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Avertere's Construction Management: Building Safe Schools

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There are several reasons why K-12 education administrators and faculty members may need Construction Management (CM) solutions and services from a Cybersecurity firm like Avertere.

One reason to oversee the construction or renovation of school facilities for any safety and security controls being installed is to ensure the interoperability of the technology capabilities across multiple school campuses. Technology interoperability of security controls, like cameras, enables Avertere's School Security Operations Center to detect and automate against risk in a repeatable fashion.  It also ensures the people and processes in response to an incident are more efficient across campuses within a school district.

Unfortunately, more technology doesn't mean less burden, so if you invest, invest in the capability and ability to automate resiliency. Having different tech stacks often adds to the workforce burden and cost. Not considering other schools' technology interoperability in a district reduces the opportunity for the district to create repeatable processes that reduce risk.

Does your district have the same cameras and door locks across all the school campuses? Do you have a School Security Operations Center that monitors the cameras and automates door locks after detecting human threats? Do you use your technology reactively or proactively? Are you inundated with data and technology sprawl? We can help.

Schools can leverage Avertere's Construction Management team for installations in new buildings, additions to existing buildings, or major renovations. Construction management can help ensure the specified scope of work is completed on time and within budget and meets all necessary codes and regulations. Avertere is an extension of the school's administrators and faculty members.

Additionally, with an experienced CM firm involved, work sequencing is managed properly to meet the school's expectations. As a result, Avertere helps to limit redundant tasks and/or impact on timelines and "change order" consequences that can occur with a lack of oversight.

Another reason to involve CM on the front end when implementing physical safety and security controls are the follow-up scheduling of routine maintenance and repairs.

The challenges that K-12 education administrators and faculty members may face in managing construction and facility maintenance projects include:

  • Limited budgets: Schools often have limited budgets for construction and facility maintenance, so it is important to ensure that projects are completed cost-effectively and on time

  • Limited staff resources: Many schools are short-staffed, so managing construction and facility maintenance projects in-house can be challenging.

  • Safety concerns: Ensuring the safety of students, faculty, and staff is a top priority for schools. Avertere manages construction and facility maintenance projects to minimize risks and ensure the safety of all individuals on campus. Including, but not limited to, onsite crew background investigations, security clearance if needed, license and bond verification, permits and inspections, and OSHA guidelines.

The benefits of hiring a firm like Avertere that provides construction management solutions include:

  • Expertise: Our crew has decades of experience with CM projects of all sizes. Our Tech side of the house has the interoperability knowledge needed to ensure all the items being installed work properly with each other. 

  • Objectivity: A construction management firm can provide an objective perspective on a project, which can help make decisions and resolve issues that may arise. Projects of all sizes can run into problems; experienced CM personnel have the skill and knowledge to prioritize and proceed with the best course of action.

  • Time savings: Hiring a construction management firm can save time for K-12 education administrators and faculty members. Avertere ensures freedom for educators to educate and facilities maintenance staff to keep the school up and to run.

  • Continuity: A CM firm involved from the beginning of an RFP specification and selection process has insight into the full scope of the job and all the goals a project should accomplish.

Why Avertere

Avertere is a complete Cybersecurity consulting and services firm dedicated solely to student and administrative safety within the education sector. We want to bring security to all schools and converge physical and Cybersecurity services on behalf of the education sector, so our teachers can focus on teaching.

By conducting thorough security risk assessments as part of your preplanning process for the construction or renovation of school facilities, we can provide valuable insights and recommendations to create a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff. By partnering with us, you can maximize the enablement of this critical aspect of your school and give peace of mind to all who use the facility.

Please follow our LinkedIn Page and Contact us here: services@avertere.com.

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