Rebecca Meyer-Worthen

With 24 years of specialized experience, I am a skilled, adaptive, multifaceted, efficient, and reliable professional who brings a fresh new approach to instruction, training, and facilitation. I excel at delivering meaningful presentations on various topics, including Career Growth and Development, Self-Assessment/Personal Viewpoint, Leadership/Management, Communication in the Workplace, Educational Planning, and Goal Achievement for all types of clients. My expertise in instruction, facilitation, coaching, training, teaching, and public speaking allows me to effortlessly enhance any learning environment for diverse clientele. I have experience teaching classes of various sizes, from large groups of department directors to small groups of transiting adults and service members, and even mentoring students designated as Emotionally Disturbed. I have a proven track record of positively impacting student learning outcomes by crafting individualized, group-centered, and mass curricula. I have also honed my skills in administrative backing, employment assistance programs, consumer associations, social media networking, virtual marketing, blogging, resume writing, human resources and recruiting, account supervision, and project management. Additionally, I have experience with a range of technologies, from basic rooms with no equipment to the most advanced systems available. Currently, I am teaching English at a private Christian school, where I have the opportunity to create content for Essential English courses for 10th, 11th, & 12th-grade students. Prior to this, I was the Department Chair and Educational Specialist for a team of 8 teachers at an award-winning high school. While there, I executed current and diversified courses/programs virtually and communally with creativity and enthusiasm.

Avertere | Comprehensive Safety Solutions for Education - Secure Environment for 2023/2024 School Year.

2 min read

Close The Gaps: Education Security with Avertere 2023/2024

It's Summertime! Now What? Ah, it's finally summertime! The chaos of the halls has subsided, and calm has settled over campuses across the US. But don't be fooled by this tranquility - it's the perfect time for safety and security experts to tackle...

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Avertere's technology-agnostic approach delivers efficient and effective school safety solutions nationwide.

7 min read

Prioritizing Strategic Risk: Avertere's Guide to School Security

Chart Credit: David Riedman ( At Avertere, we understand that writing about active shooting is an incredibly sensitive and...

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Avertere | Illustration of a school campus with a 'No Vaping' sign in the foreground

2 min read

Tackling Student Vape Use in Schools: Innovative Strategies

Vaping has become a growing concern and a real problem for school administrators and parents. While many may assume that vaping is primarily a...

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Digital Safety First: Safeguarding Students' Devices in Schools

In today's digital age, students increasingly use digital devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones to access educational resources,...

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